Its rather fitting that George and I met at a biker bar back in 2003.    George owned a 2001 Harley Police Special Road King and I a 2001 Harley Sportster.   We both shared the love of the open road and enjoyed traveling on 2 wheels.

Our riding morphed into 2up in 2004 as I found myself riding with George more often than not because I also loved photography.  What better place to get great pix than the back of a motorcycle touring the coutryside?    We ultimately sold my Sportster and continued our journeys together on the Road King for 2 more years.   We enjoyed a ton of riding together that year all over Texas.

2005 found us including Oklahoma, Arkansas and Tennessee into our riding plans as well as many lunch runs and hanging out at local venues with friends.   We took an extended weekender and rode the Talimena Parkway and we took a vacation to the Smoky Mountains for the first time.  Tennessee has to be some of the best riding in the country.   As the year wound down, we found ourselves kicking the tires in a local dealership, looking at newer models.  On the floor, we found The One.   A 2006 Black Pearl Ultra Classic.  The price was right and we jumped at the chance to upgrade our steed.  George was quick to let me know after the ride home how happy he was for our choice.  A really balanced, comfortable ride — moreso for all of the riding we were planning to do in the future.  My thoughts were soon to follow after climbing into the passenger seat.  Not to mention all the storage we now had.  We were now proud owners of a Geezer Glide — full of camera gear no doubt!

Our 2006 travels added Arizona , New Mexico & Utah.  Utah was just crossing the bridge at Page, AZ — but I’m counting it anyhow!  LOL     The rest of our riding season was primarily in Texas; the Hill Country and lots of 200mi lunch runs to meet friends.  Our big trip, which we began planning after purchasing a new bike, was the Grand Canyon over a 9-day ride.  This was one of the most fun, stressful {for me – high winds in NM}, and scenic rides we had been on yet.   It was a fast pace, to move lodging every night, but the ride was never short of breathtaking views.

We hit Missouri and Arkansas, along with many Texas rides during 2007.   We met a number of friends in Missouri for some great weekend riding, then George & I pointed the bike towards the Eureka Springs area of Arkansas to continue our vacation for another 6 days.   Beautiful countryside up there.

2008 led us through Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.    Our big trip for the year was to Myrtle Beach Bike Week in South Carolina.  We were happy our friend Don from Albuquerque, NM decided to join us for this trip and we all had a great time.  Don was even able to add ‘yard-ridin’ to his biker resume on this trip 😉

We havent ridden as much as we generally do throughout 2009.   Sometimes reality – work – gets in the way of fun.  George has had a much busier work year than average.  We did manage to fit in a vacation we had been planning for some time – down to Big Bend National Park.  And once we floated that out to our friends – Don & Kenny, from Albuquerque, NM chimed in to join us.   We changed up our route to meet them in Carlsbad then continue down to Big Bend together.    There were sweltering temps at times in the park and surrounding areas but we still enjoyed some beautiful scenery.

Besides being able to make a handful of Texas get-togethers in 2010,  we had also mapped out another great vacation that would get us right back to the Smoky Mountains!   And we were meeting up with another 35 riders from several states who attended this event to enjoy a ton of pre-planned day trips, shopping and eating in the area.   The trip to Tennessee this year also was a turning point in our lives.   George hit the magic 30 ‘retirement eligible’ years with his company.   Now we were actually able to begin discussing what next.   And as many of our family and friends now know — the decisions we’ve made and are pursuing will be living la Vida Loca in a big ‘ole RV without our Harley.

I must say that over the span of both Harley’s – George & I have met a vast array of people who shared this same love of the open road.    In an instant, while George researched a technical issue on the Road King some time ago, he found – and we ended up joining – an internet harley forum where there were lots of folks like us sharing ride pix, stories and technical help.  We soon came to find that literally 20+ folks from that forum were right here in our metro area.    Over the next several years those 20+  expanded into roughly 45 or more when we’re all together, covering a several hundred mile radius from one another, that we proudly call friends.    Friends who will ride 300mi just to say howdy & have lunch.   We have been very fortunate to have shared many miles & much laughter with this select group of friends.   There will most assuredly be a weird emptiness, a loss of sorts, when we sell our Ultra in the coming months.

Our hopes, however, include being able to be in the areas where all of those same friends are, or may be riding, during various times of the year.   We sincerely hope, and will reaffirm to them, that wherever our new adventures take us – the RV door will be wide open.   We look forward to seeing a few of you pull up from time to time and give Gzr a reason to light the grill & get the adult beverages flowing.

We are blessed to have covered so many miles together on the bikes & made so many wonderful friends.   All of you ride safe ….

Some of the riding we’ve done in what will be our last year follows.


June 11-20, 2010

Tennessee White Trash Tour

Photoshows of this event are available below:

Tennessee Tour ~ Part 1

Tennessee Tour ~ Part 2

Tennessee Tour ~ Part 3


May 22, 2010

Shuffle off to Buffalo Lunch Run

No photoshow was created for this event.


April 30-May 3, 2010

Razorback Run

Photoshows of this event are available below:

Razorback Run ~ Part 1

Razorback Run ~ Part 2


March 14, 2010

Fairfield Lunch Run

No photoshow was created for this event.

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