Day Of Rest

Today we were truly couch potatoes.  Well, George did venture out to grab us some BBQ for a late lunch.  I was busy most of the day shoring up our storage customers & taking a few calls for reservations.

Later in the day George finalized hooking up the Jeep putting everything away, etc.  We hope to be driving by 9am tomorrow morning.  We have to go straight through downtown Grand Junction on I-50 then we are home free to Gunnison.

Dinner was whatever leftovers you could find laying around.

I was also pondering earlier this evening that arriving in Gunnison tomorrow will mark the end of our “Big Loop” around to see our family & friends throughout 15 different cities.  We drove just a little over 3600mi in just under 6mos since we left Gunnison.   For as much fun as we had, we are both tired & ready to be parked for a good, long while!  Maybe forever.   We are looking very forward to all of the opportunities ahead of us, including the option to live year-round in Gunnison.  We are ready to call it home permanently.

So off to bed now!

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