Olympic National Park

We hit the road this morning headed for Hurricane Ridge inside the Olympic National Park.  My cousin Ron recommended it & George had already ear-marked a side trip for us up to see it.   It is named Hurricane Ridge due to the intense gales & unpredictable winds.   What an amazing place!

In the “its funny afterwards” category:  George & I have noticed quite a few times now that our restaurant selections have very limited options for “lunch.”  Our first stop was a buffet only on Sundays.  Blech!  The second stop had the word “cafe” in the name so how could we go wrong?  After being seated & placing our drink order we find out that on Sundays – only breakfast/brunch is served. Gah!  So one more time, we ate something we weren’t intending & moved on.  LOL

It was a beautiful drive, climbing to 5242′ elevation, with lots of big informational pullouts along the way up to Hurricane Ridge.  The area is heavily utilized by skiers, hikers, snowboarders, snowshoers & the like.  There was still plenty of snow for us to see on the way up & quite a bit of snow at the top.

Getting Closer to Olympic National Park


Looking Across the Salish Sea


Climbing to Hurricane Ridge

We managed to see a number of black-tail deer grazing along the roadsides.  Found a new-to-us bird – the Gray Jay.

Gray Jay


Looking Back on Heart of the Hills Road

And on the return trip down the mountain, we kept an eye out for the mountain goats that one of the rangers said were seen earlier in the day.  There were 5-6 of them high on the cliffs above the tunnels.  Right where we were told they might be 😀

Mountain Goats

The trip up to Hurricane Ridge should not be missed if you are in this area.  Feeling like you are on top of the world can’t even describe it.

Small Avalanche in Progress


George @ Hurricane Ridge


Hurricane Ridge


Hurricane Ridge


Hurricane Ridge


Hurricane Ridge


Hurricane Ridge

After departing the national forest, we took a quick spin over to the dock area in Port Angeles to see the sights & check out where the ferry leaves from going to British Columbia in case we get to work that in on our visit here.

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