Finally Catching Up

With ourselves 😀

We’ve had a busy last few days between George changing out our genny fuel line to an appropriate “fuel rated” line, then we were into Centralia, WA for some service we scheduled on the coach.

Not really going to rant about Brazel’s RV Performance shop but we were rather disappointed that everything George had previously told them and/or asked them about their ability to service the coach & the parts required – before scheduling our appointment – was not as it appeared.

Yes, we needed an oil & filter change on both our coach & our genny.  However, we were not told that Brazel’s doesn’t carry filters to fit our coach.  They did want to sell us one of their fancy, performance boosting filters – not!

But our primary reason for being there was to have one of our HWH leveling jacks looked at because it was leaking a bit.  We weren’t prepared for them to tell us that they didn’t, in fact, have rebuilt jacks in their shop as they had previously told George & that meant they would need to tear into the jack to get the part numbers, then find a place to order the parts.  Not!

Just a shame that we are still left needing to find someone else take a look at the jack and find & install an air filter on the coach engine.   Not pleased.  Not one damn bit.

On the other hand, we had a smooth but rainy drive on into Belfair, WA where we will be staying at the State Park for a week to visit my Aunt & 1st cousins.  So not many pix chronicling our stop in Centralia for service, nor on the 70mi drive up to Belfair.   Hope to get out & start exploring the area tomorrow when we see some sunshine creep back into the area 🙂

Our Entire Drive Today

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yep, we had issues with Brazel’s too and had to have some of they work they did done again by someone else.

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