Headed for Cheese Country

Tillamook Cheese that is!

Having previously researched a number of fellow RVrs’ trips up the 101, we knew the leg coming up would be slow & twisty with beautiful scenic views.  And that it was.   We were ooing & ahhing around every turn along the coast when our blasted trucker’s GPS gave us a little squawk pretty much telling us we shouldn’t be on this road.  We knew better so we motored on.  Well, she started really hollering as we rounded a bend outside Florence, telling us there was a very low clearance bridge ahead.   Yikes!  Really?

US-101 Outside Florence



We pulled into the Sea Lion Caves parking to re-assses our route.  While doing so a fellow RVr advised George “you have a lot of water coming out the front of the coach.”   HUH?!?   Well, it wasn’t water.  It was diesel fuel –  pouring out of the genny!  As folks know, we recently left a kidney in exchange for the cost of a new genny back in Las Vegas & now it was pouring fuel.

While George assessed the leak, I trotted across to the gift store to inquire about the bridge clearance ahead.  Luckily, I spoke with another RVr who assured me we were good to go.  It was, in fact, a tunnel with only the outer edges being low.   Just hug the center line on the way through.

With a parking lot full of people, we knew we would not be making repairs here; especially involving fuel :/   So we limped on down the road about a mile before finding an adequate pullout.   Nice backdrop for repairing your coach on the side of the road we must admit.


Fortunately, we had some extra tubing that fit perfectly & would get us the last 50mi to our campground.  Disaster avoided.  Except for the disaster I would like to rain down on the heads of the genny install folks that is!  Oddly enough, we were running the genny for a couple of hours while we traveled just to make sure everything was working properly.  Surprise!  Its not. Ugh.

Not much you can do, ya know?   We knew we were very fortunate that our crazy GPS made us stop & that a fellow RVr noticed what was going on before it became a serious emergency.    We rolled on into Tillamook, without another drop leaking.   And after getting set up, we ran back into town to grab very late lunch/early dinner at the Chinese Garden.  What a feast!  Sometimes chinese food – and a couple of glass of wine – will make everything better.   😀

We still need to grab a ‘fuel-approved’  line tomorrow while we’re out exploring the area.  The spare tubing we had was for windshield wipers, but we’re happy to be in an area with anything we could need readily available.

Here are a few more random pix from our continued journey.





Cheese Makers


Welcome to Tillamook

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One Response to Headed for Cheese Country

  1. Jeri says:

    Now you’re in our stomping grounds. We’ve eaten lots of cheese in Tillamook!!