Cruising the Coastline

We headed out of Garberville this morning with a short drive planned to our next location.

This road (US-101) is still amazing us at every turn. You get massive redwood forests while climbing & descending the mountains & every other turn you can see the coastline before the forest overtakes you senses once more.

Winding Along the Klamath River


Scenery Along the 101

We stopped in Fortuna, CA to fuel up at $4.67/gal – ouchie, but at least we saved a few bucks stopping here.  The rest of the area is $4.69/gal or more.

Then we began to climb, and climb, and climb.  We will have to back track on the map & see what mountains we were climbing.  There was quite a bit of fog on our route which always adds a little more excitement to the drive when you motor into a foggy curve with a 7% grade downhill on the other side!

Gorgeous, Even on a Gray Day


And Back Into the Forest

Elk Outside Orick, CA

But we slowly motored our way on into Klamath, CA where we stopped at the Golden Bear RV Park for a couple of days.  Since this appears to still be off-season, we’re the only RV here & a perfect view out our front window of the Klamath River 😀

For the minutia that, being Texan, I have never seen:  Those little blue highway signs are Tusnami Danger signs.  LOL   I’m used to seeing Hurricane Evacuation Route signs that look quite the same.

Even our camphost told us we were 2wks late for “big flood” – meaning the tsunami (all the way from Japan nonetheless) hit the mouth of the Klamath River – right here beside us – even sweeping some poor guy photographing it out to sea.

Tsunami!  Really?!?  I guess, when I finally put on my thinking cap, it makes a lot of sense that all the Asian earthquakes that create a tsunami – head right for this coast.

River View Site


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget to check in with us as you get farther north. We’ll be around and would like to get with you again.